Using Overhead Storage to Maximize Your Garage Space!

Posted on September 21, 2015


A favorite tool here at Life Uncluttered to free up space in your garage is the Overhead Storage Racks. The benefit of using these is that they enable you to take stuff you don’t reach for as often and store them in a spot in the garage that most people don’t take advantage, so the walls are free to hold other items. We’re going to go over some of the best things to store with these overhead racks to keep your garage organized and to help you maximize the space.

Towel Bins

It’s pretty common to keep your extra towels that you use for car washes on a shelf in the garage. The problem is that these will attract pests, who will try to make a nest in them. A great solution to fix this is to throw them in a bin, cover it, and store them away on the overhead rack, where the pests won’t be able to reach them. When it’s time to wash the cars, pull them out, your towels will be in reach. When it’s not, they won’t be taking up space along the walls where you can store the tools, sports equipment, and bikes.


Pet Food

One thing that’s really bad to store around the garage is pet food. The issue with this is the same as the towels, it’s going to attract rats. They’ll go for the bags of dry food, so storing these bags around the sides of the garage is a bad idea. Instead, put these in a bin as well and put them up on the overhead storage rack where they’ll be covered and in a place where the rats can’t get to them. If you’re not wanting to store these in the garage, a spot in the pantry is a great place to keep these.


Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations are the perfect things to box up and store up here. You don’t need to reach for them regularly, but when the holidays come around, it’s nice to have them organized and easily accessible. Rather than stacking them somewhere in the attic, take all of the decorations and store them above your car. This way, the walls will have room for cabinets and you’ll even have a place for the bikes to fit now. Keeping your garage organized is about designing a system to maintain the neatness- so keeping the less frequently used items in boxes out of the way ensures that you can maximize your wall space, especially with a custom slatwall system to hold all of your items.


Life Uncluttered specializes in organization systems for your closet, garage, and pantry. For more tips on keeping your garage clean, check out our free guide, “Clear Out the Clutter!” Give us a call to schedule a free consultation- there’s no obligation, so let us give you tips!

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