Best Organizers to Keep Your Garage Clutter-Free

Posted on September 10, 2015


Let’s face it, the garage is one of the toughest areas of your house to keep clean. You store tools, sports equipment, extra supplies, towels, and the list goes on. Many people don’t even have the room to park their car in their garage because there’s too much stuff in the garage! At Life Uncluttered, our job is to help you keep these areas of your house organized, so we came up with the best garage organizers that will help you reclaim all of the space and keep it organized! 

Garage Cabinets


Many people will keep shelves in their garage to store items; we prefer to use garage cabinets, where you’ll be able to store your stuff away from the dust of the garage, the elements, and keep things more organized than on shelves. The garage cabinets that we use are made with quality in mind and have solid doors that open-and-close seamlessly. Our cabinets are wall-mounted, which are more stable than cabinets that sit on the floor, and offer easy-cleaning as you can simply sweep underneath them. The shelving used is very sturdy, each shelf being an inch thick and holding up to 100 lbs. Aesthetically they’re great, as they come in tons of finishes from wood-grain to powder-coated to matte styles. These cabinets are a great way to keep things stored safely and organized!


Overhead Storage


One space in the garage that many people forget to utilize is the area above the vehicles. We offer ceiling racks, MonkeyBars, and other overhead storage options to make use of this space. There are racks to store your bikes, organizers where you can store ladders, tools, suitcases, and many of your other garage-stored items. This truly is a space that many people forget about and making use of that space will really free up the floor space in your garage and keep items out of the way.

Wall Storage


If your garage is like many others, you have some sort of shelves on the walls- probably old, possibly even homemade. Two options we love are gridwall and slatwall organizers. These organizers get installed onto the wall, and then you add hooks and bins to hold your tools and accessories. These are great to hold the shovels, tree trimmers, sports equipment, and cables in your garage. These options allow you to customize the walls of your garage to hold exactly what you need them to.



The last tool to keep things mess-free in the garage is the workbench. You’re going to want a place to work on things, tinker, build, and plan. The workbenches offer this space and have drawers to hold your wrenches and pliers. These come in various finishes too, so you can choose a workbench that is useful and still looks great!

Following these tips, you can keep your garage clean and organized without stressing about storage and messes. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation- there’s no obligation, so let us give you tips!

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