Best Closet Organizer Accessories for Ladies!

Posted on October 14, 2015


When it’s time for your custom closet, you want one that will suit all of your needs. For tons of us, this means sharing a closet with your significant other and fitting everything you both own in there- not a simple task. The women tend to have more to store in their wardrobe, so creating a closet that will fit it all calls for some serious planning! In this article we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite accessories for the ladies to keep their clothes neat in the closet!

Shoe Racks

So, for most women, one of the biggest storage needs is for shoes- you probably have tons of pairs that get piled on the floor in your closet, because you don’t have room to store them. When it’s time to get ready, you’re left searching through the piles for a match or that pair you haven’t worn in a while. This can really make for a stressful time getting ready. The custom closets we offer can be built with special shoe racks, to keep your pairs neat and easy to find. They are built to store out of the way of the hanging space, so you’ll still have lots of room to hang your clothes.


Jewelry Drawers

You’ve probably thought of all of the clothing that you want to store in your custom closet, but you can store accessories in the closet too, and keep your entire wardrobe neat- using jewelry drawers is the best way to do this! Some mornings, you’re stuck searching for that necklace to complete your outfit, or that matching pairs of earrings. Sometimes, you might find the necklace, but it’s tangled! Using jewelry drawers, you can store the pairs of earrings neatly, and all of your necklaces are accessible without the hassle! Save yourself stress when it’s time to get ready and have all of your jewelry neat and ready in the jewelry drawers in your custom closet; it’ll save you time too.


Necklace Racks

As an alternative, you can use a rack to store your necklaces, and use the jewelry drawer to store your earrings and bracelets. Stacking necklaces on a rod can give you a quick place to reach for the necklace you want after you’re ready to go, without them getting lost or tangled. The simple touches like this will really make your preparation quicker and easier! These are perfect with ladies that have quite the jewelry collection.


We at Life Uncluttered work to create the perfect solution to your closet needs. For more closet tips, check out our free guide “Custom Closet Pricing Guide!” If you’re looking to see what your custom closet could look like, give us a call today for a free consultation!