The solution to any space problem starts with questions:

  • “How do you use the space?”
  • “What is the biggest problem you want to solve?”
  • “If you could wave a magic wand, what would you want it to look like?”

From the answers we can come up with a design idea and a budget. Budgets are very important to us, we know our customers aren’t made of money, though we wish they were! If the design is not within the budget we talk about different solutions. Once we have a design idea within the budget, the next step is to turn the design idea into a working plan. With the customers working side by side with our designer, we come up with a three dimensional plan so the customer can see exactly what the space will look like before they have to make a buying decision. Every design is unique, specific to the clients needs, their input is invaluable. From there we find a mutually convenient installation time, on closet makeovers tear out is included. Our expert installers make sure the space is to your satisfaction, tweaking the design as needed. You then move in!

To start living your life uncluttered, please contact us.