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Posted on November 10, 2015

Have you ever looked in your kitchen pantry and been completely dismayed, unsatisfied and uninspired to cook? Is your pantry unappealing, cluttered, or just not adequately functional? Pantries are integral to the functionality of your kitchen design.

 Having a well-organized pantry is at the hub of your inspiration to cook and make delicious healthy meals.  Being inspired in the space we create sustenance for ourselves or for others is essential to our health and well-being and helps stimulate the desire to create delicious meals.

If you live in Kansas City a custom pantry can be tailored to suit your individual needs, which will indeed stimulate those taste buds with a flood of creative cooking ideas. Check out some of these design ideas when creating your custom pantry design.


They Say, Spice Is the Variety Of Life

Spices are everything in cooking. With the right combination of spices, you can turn any recipe into an exotic meal ... Give your spices a  well-deserved home in the pantry. If the spice shelves are too deep or difficult to see, you start to lose track of what you have and you become less inspired to use or experiment with them. And who wants spice jars all over the bench creating unnecessary clutter?  

Solution: Spice shelves on the doors are very easy to see and easy to store. It makes them readily accessible for any occasion whether it’s just for some simple seasoning or an exotic banquet of delectable flavours that inspire your fancy. There are many ways to live a life uncluttered and full of flavour with a custom pantry to maximize your spice jar storage. 

Accessibility And Visibility

Quite often, we only notice our pantries when they appear a bit bare. If we open the cupboard or drawers and see a full stock, we take what we need and pay no mind. When it’s a little thin, we restock. Here’s a question for you? When was the last time you pulled everything out to see what you’ve got?

If you’re like a large majority of people, it’s been a while, perhaps years. Perhaps it’s even become a bit like a food museum. The tendency is to use and restock the first two rows of cans and jars in your pantry while the third row and beyond tends to sit forever.  

Solution: Consider a custom pantry with sliding shelves and/or baskets. They are so easy to use that you’ll be able to bring even the deepest parts of your pantry directly within reach at just a touch of a finger!

Unusually Shaped Items

Sometimes often overlooked is allowing adequate space for those items that are odd sizes or too tall like juice or drink bottles, tall cereal boxes, bags of potatoes etc. Something to keep in mind when designing your custom pantry is making room for these things as well so they are accessible and fit in your kitchen with ease.  

Solution: One of the best ways to begin to work out your individual needs for a custom pantry is to have a good look through your current pantry and cabinets. Create a list of the different categories and items you regularly keep or have had trouble previously fitting in, not forgetting all those odd sized items. This way you can make sure everything gets included in your new custom pantry design.

Take Advantage Of A Design Expert

Last but definitely not least. Take advantage of the expertise of a design consultant. They come with a wealth of knowledge and experience. They will help you achieve exactly what you need and guide you through the entire process from design to completion. It will help make choosing and building your custom pantry a hassle-free, fun and creative project!

If you live in Kansas you can get a FREE IN HOME design consultation with one of our expert designers.  Our specialised consultants would love to talk to you more about how we can help you live a Life Uncluttered and transform your kitchen with a mouth-watering custom pantry design.  If you're in the Kansas City area Call us today at 816-295-7665 so we can help turn your pantry frustrations into Love.

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