Murphy Beds: An Answer for Overnight Guests

Posted on January 25, 2016

Do you ever balk at the idea of hosting overnight guests in your home? If you do not have a dedicated guest room, having people in your home for more than a day can be a cumbersome inconvenience. Not to mention, many guests won’t be comfortable on a pull-out sofa or an air mattress. If you’re tired of skirting the issue and recommending local hotels, consider having a Murphy bed, also called a wall bed, installed in your home.


What Is a Murphy Bed?

A Murphy bed is a bed that stands up against a wall inside of your home. By day, it looks like an attractive storage unit, complete with drawers and shelves. By night, however, the bed folds down quickly and easily. It is just as comfortable as a regular bed, with a high-quality mattress which offers support to travel-weary backs. When your guests are awake again, simply fold the bed back up and it will look like no one spent the night in the room.

Where Can You Put a Murphy Bed?

Some homeowners hesitate because they aren’t sure where a wall bed would fit in their homes. Any room can be transformed into a guest room! If you have a playroom, a home office, a den or a library, you can have a comfortable place to host guests without giving up the primary use of that room. You could even have it installed in your dining room, where it would look like a hutch when it’s not folded down. It functions as a storage unit, so if you have a space that could use more storage room, this could be the perfect solution.


What If You Don’t Host Guests Frequently?

Once homeowners have their Murphy beds, they’re often surprised at how often it’s used. First, you might be more likely to invite others to spend the night when you know that you have a great place for them to sleep. Secondly, planned guests are not the only ones who might use the bed. They are excellent for friends who come over and are too tired to drive home late at night, for a sick child to sleep with a parent (without disturbing the other parent), and for college students who unexpectedly come home to spend a weekend. Keep in mind that even when you’re not using the bed, you can still use the storage space for whatever you want. In a playroom, this might be for books and toys, and in a home office, it might be for extra files or office supplies.


If you are ready to get started toward having a wall bed and storage unit put in your home, please call Life Uncluttered. One of our professional organizers will come to your home for a free consultation to help you decide which bed is right for you and your space. Call today!

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