3 Clever Closet Organizer Tips To Reduce Stress & Clutter

Posted on March 21, 2016

If you find yourself challenged by size when it comes to your closet space, do not despair; there are some fantastic ways you can utilize your closet and your storage needs. One of the best ways to maximize your organizers is to install a custom closet system. Whether you have a small walk-in closet space or a tiny reach-in, a qualified closet designer can design you a custom closet system to address your personal needs.

A great way to make good use of all your available space is to design a closet that goes all the way to ceiling, include as many double hanging rods as possible along with shelves, storage cubes and any drawers needed for storing of your clothes, shoes and other items. The space above top of your closet near to your ceiling can be utilized for luggage storage and other large items.

A closet designer knows the optimum ways in which to use difficult or small spaces to help you get the best out of them. Installing fittings like wall sconces or LED lights will help spread the light around and strategic placement of mirrors are also very useful in creating the illusion of more space.

Custom Closet

3 Clever Tricks To Help You Optimize Your Custom Closet

The exceptional designers at All About Closets can show you lots of great tricks to optimize and increase your closet space. Here are three other things you can consider to help you make the best of your closet space.

Use Every Inch

When it comes to small closets, every bit of space matters so use every spare inch. Using the walls in your closet are another great way to optimize your space. One way to do this is to install slatboards on the walls to hang your jewelry and other accessories on. Also, remember to use the backs of your doors a well. These are great space savers for things like scarves, bags and even sarongs or shawls.

Custom Walk-In Closet

Color Code Your Closet

Color coordinating the clothing in your closet not only creates consistency and structure but it also looks visually appealing. Additionally it is much easier to select what you want to wear making more efficient use of your time when getting ready to go somewhere. Make sure any baskets or storage containers you use for other miscellaneous things are also matching in some way or at least the color coded in groups. Investing in some good matching hangers will make a closet look a lot more organized. Slim hangers will also give you some extra space to hang more clothing.

Keep It Organized

Don’t allow yourself to fall into bad habits of collecting clutter and disorganization once you have got your closet space optimized and well organized. Just like exercise, if you want to keep your closet well-organized then consistency is key. It requires some effort on your part to maintain a healthy closet. Be sure to return everything to its rightful place each time it has been used and at least once a week go over and sort out any items that may need to be re-color coded or returned to it’s designated area.

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