4 Steps to Bedroom Organization

Posted on March 01, 2011

Bedrooms should be peaceful spaces in which you’re allowed to de-stress and relax. But that’s probably not possible if the room is full of clutter. Here are a few tips from Real Simple to get your bedroom back in shape.

  1. Display the essentials – Take inventory of your bedroom, particularly the tops of dressers and nightstands. Do you see anything that really doesn’t need to be there. Try keeping these open areas limited to only what’s needed – an alarm clock, reading glasses, a book, and a framed photo or two. The trick is to not feel crowded.
  2. Use drawers to store common items even if you use them every night. This includes a night mask, earplugs, hand and foot cream, etc.
  3. Use drawer dividers to make it easier to sort through and organize undergarments and socks. Be careful with wood dividers though – they are known to snag clothing.
  4. Don’t underestimate the value of under-bed space. It’s a great spot for out of season clothes and extra blankets stored in large plastic bins.

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Photo courtesy of House Beautiful

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