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Overland Park’s Number One Closet Design & Organizers Company

If you’ve got two hours, we can give you a new custom-built closet. But not just any closet – the closet of your dreams! We didn’t become Overland Park’s favorite closet design company by accident. We did it by combining one very old skill and some cutting-edge new skills. First of all, when we come to your Overland Park home, we listen. We listen hard. We want to find out what you need from your closet space; what it lacks; what aggravates you the most; which items are hardest to find; etc. We want to know how you want to use it, when you want to use it, how many people are going to use it and what would make it work for you. You see, we’re not designing a closet…we’re designing YOUR closet. So, we covered the old skill…listening. Now, let’s talk about the new skills.  

3D Closet Design

Once we’ve discussed in detail what you want from your closet, our closet designers create a 3D computer aided drawing of your closet so you can see exactly what it will look like when it is installed. This is ideal because you can make suggestions and discuss options before it’s too late to make changes. This ensures that the final design has your approval down to the last detail. That’s it. You’re done. A couple of quick, painless hours and your dream closet is ready to be installed in your Overland Park home. We let you know what you should expect in the way of construction time. We let you know when it will be installed, how long the installation will take and what to expect. We find that when everyone knows what to expect, things go more smoothly and you end up happy. When you’re happy, you tell all of your friends and family in Overland Park about us and we remain Overland Park’s number one closet design company!

Custom Closets for Every Budget in Overland Park

No matter your budget, we can provide you with storage solutions and closet designs that are practical and affordable. We have many options to choose from that vary widely in price. Whatever you do, don’t rule out organizing your closet because you think it’s not affordable. Call Life Uncluttered and let us show you what we can do on your budget. So stop making excuses and call us today.  We look forward to helping you to achieve a Life Uncluttered.