Why Organized People Are Smarter Than The Average in Kansas City

Posted on June 27, 2016

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Truth is, some of us are just smarter than others. But is it because of nature or nurture? Numerous studies have been conducted to try and better understand how high IQs and success is created, and even though a lot of it may come down to genetics, there are many exceptions to this rule - particularly for those that apply themselves beyond genetic conditioning.

According to researchers and psychologists, personal beliefs and the way in which we organize and manage our day to day lives can play a huge role on the development of our intelligence and ultimately success. Even simply having a well-organized home can improve our success in life and benefit in raising our intelligence.

4 Myths Successful People Dispel About Organization in Kansas City

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Research shows that organized people are not born, they are built. With that in mind here are some common myths to dispel in your life if you want to achieve greater success in your endeavors.

  • Myth 1: There is No Flow in Organization

    Many people tend to assume that highly organized people are boring, rigid or over-disciplined - perhaps opposite to the type of people we want to be. However, having an uncluttered, organized home and environment has nothing to do with these traits, and is a common misconception. Being rigid or over-disciplined can ultimately prevent us from having better organization and flow.

    Being organized actually adds to our spontaneity because when we create an environment where we waste less time searching for things, it, in turn, enhances our flow in life and gives us more space and time in our mind for creativity and spontaneity.

  • Myth 2: You Have To Be A Minimalist To Be Organized

    Many people don’t know how to get started when it comes to better organization. Clutter can take control when we have trouble letting go of anything; it’s a “just in case” mindset where they might need it in the future. There is nothing wrong having a few things in life just so long as you apply some organizing skills and have the products to keep everything orderly. Getting organized means getting rid of the clutter and creating proper homes for things. Instead of reducing the quantity, you can consolidate and organize what you own by using custom closets and organizers systems in your home to manage all your belongings properly.

  • Myth 3: You Can't Be Organized If You're Busy

    It is important to recognize that as busy as we get in life, it actually helps to spend time getting organized. When you are overwhelmed, often the best way to spend your time is establishing better systems of organization in and around you home. Not only does this help with your inner and outer house cleaning during overwhelm, but it helps you create more effective neural pathways for dealing with stress. The return on investment for this kind of activity is very high.

  • Myth 4: It's Impossible To Stay Organized Long-Term

    Many people tend to resist getting organized because they think it won't last. However, if you focus on organizing from the inside out, your system can be designed to last. Organizing is highly sustainable if your organizational systems are built around the way you think and live your life. This is where custom closets and clever storage systems designed specifically for your needs really helps. They are an effective way of helping you manage all your belongings and day-to-day life events with the least amount of stress. It then becomes easy to stay organized!

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