The Benefits of a Murphy Bed

Posted on January 16, 2012

Have you even seen one of those beds that flip down from the wall? That's known as a Murphy bed.

But what's so great about having a Murphy bed?

  • It saves tons of space - Can you imagine how much more spacious your rooms would be without a giant bed taking up so much space? A Murphy bed helps to open up your rooms and free up plenty of floor space.
  • Easily blends in with decor - Are you worried about how a bed will look hanging up on the wall? There's no need to worry because Murphy beds come in a wide variety of finishes and styles that can easily blend in with your room's existing decor.
  • Super easy to use - If lifting a heavy bed is a concern for you, it shouldn't be. Murphy beds fold seamlessly into and out of their storage space.
  • Allows for more activities - Whether you like exercising, playing with your kids and pets or doing arts and crafts, a Murphy bed allows tons of space to enjoy your leisure activities.

Did you know that Life Uncluttered can install Murphy beds in your bedrooms, guestrooms or even your home office? Contact us today to discuss your Murphy bed needs!

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