Storage Tips for the New Year

Posted on December 28, 2011

The New Year always marks a new beginning at home. People want to become more organized, and now is the perfect time to do just that! But how on earth do you get started? The National Association of Home Builders suggests the following:

  • Do An Audit - As always, the first step in getting organized is to clear the clutter. Get rid of whatever you don't use or need by donating it, selling it or throwing it away. Another useful tip is to take advantage of online services provided by your bank and other institutions. Many documents can be stored online instead of keeping boxes of paper documents.
  • Buy Furniture That Doubles as Storage - If you are looking to replace old, worn-out furniture in your home, buy pieces that also can serve as storage. Consider a coffee table that has drawers or an ottoman that can open up and double as a spot to store your blankets.
  • Make Use of Wasted Square Footage - This is one of the main areas in which Life Uncluttered can help you. Our custom closets always make use of unused square footage so that you get the most of your space. From floor to ceiling, no space will be ignored!
  • Bed Risers - By simply raising the height of your bed a few more inches, you can gain a lot more storage space that is also hidden away. This is a great solution for storing things like bed linens and out of season clothes.

What are your storage and organizational needs for 2012? We know it can be a huge undertaking to finally get things in order, so let Life Uncluttered help! Visit our website to learn more about our services!

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