Put an End to Hoarding

Posted on March 24, 2011

Do you ever find yourself holding on to mail, letters, childhood keepsakes and other things that you know you won’t ever use or even need again? If so, then Psychology Today has a few suggestions on how you can get over your hoarding tendencies. Read on!

  • Trash any item you haven’t used in six months. Use your judgment when throwing things out. Your first instinct is usually pretty accurate.
  • The most important documents you’ll always need to keep include birth and marriage certificate, social security cards, driver’s licenses, passports, deeds and titles related to your home ownership, and proof of homeowner’s insurance. Such documents should be secured in a safety deposit box and possibly kept with an attorney or financial advisor.
  • Make an appointment with yourself to open mail daily or at least weekly. Throw junk mail out as soon as you lay eyes on it. If a particular bill or letter requires immediate attention, tackle it right away rather than vowing to get around to it later.
  • Create a meal plan and a shopping list before going grocery shopping to avoid unnecessary quick trips to the store during the week.
  • Avoid excess paper by keeping as many files on your computer as possible. Only print documents that you’ll need to take outside your home.
  • Create to do lists on your mobile device if possible to avoid pointless Post Its and sticky notes all over the place.

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