January is Get Organized Month!

Posted on January 02, 2012

The New Year always marks a fresh start. We want our homes and spaces to be clutter free in an effort to start the year off right. And the room that always gets the most attention in the beginning of the year is the home office.

Home offices are where lots of business tasks take place. From paying bills to keeping up with events, the home office must be organized in order for it to work its magic. This is especially true with tax season on the horizon. But how can you get your home office in tip top shape for 2012?

  1. Create a designated mail station. This might include mailboxes or a bulletin board for each member of the family. This creates an easy way for everyone to know where to place and retrieve their mail.
  2. Stay on schedule by investing in a large family calendar. Everyone will be on the same page because it'll be easy to add and erase events for everyone to clearly see what's coming up. Paper calendars and dry erase ones are affordable options.
  3. Organize office supplies by using desk drawers, bins and compartments. Label every section so that supplies are easy to find and replace.
  4. Toss the junk that doesn't work or is no longer usable. This might include writing utensils, erasers, etc.

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What changes will you make to your home office in 2012?

Tips adapted from BHG



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