Expert Tips on Last Minute Cleaning

Posted on December 19, 2011

The following are valuable last minute clean up tips from an Apartment Therapy article entitled 'How to Clean up Quickly: Before Company Arrives’ written by Adrienne Breaux.

  1. First Things First - Start by focusing on cleaning the things your guests will immediately see when they first arrive, such as foyer tables, books or magazines out of place, or a pair of shoes near the front door. Quickly dust or pick those things up first.
  2. The Main Space - Move on to concentrate on the room where your guests will be spending most of their time. Pick up and straighten couch cushions, and anything out of place. Try to avoid vacuuming if the room has been vacuumed recently.
  3. Remember the Bathroom - Do a quick clean up in the bathroom, of course. Wipe everything down with a moist cloth, including the mirror. Empty the waste basket, and replace the hand towel with a new one.
  4. Add some air freshener and relax - Your guests will relax and enjoy themselves, especially if you are relaxed.




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