Don't Go Postal: Organize Your Mail Today

Posted on February 10, 2011

How many piles of mail do you have at home? Do you lump every envelope together? Or do you separate piece into a specific pile? No matter what your mail routine is, it’s time to get better organized now. Few things are more unattractive than a tidy home with scattered and random piles of junk mail.

  • Instead of separate piles all over the house, designate one mail area in a central location. This may be a hall table, an office desk or a drawer in the kitchen.
  • File holders, baskets, and trays are all tools meant to help you. Create a system and stick to it. Maybe one tray for bills that are due now and another for bills that can wait.
  • Start sorting mail while standing over a trash can, recycling bin or paper shredder. Immediately throw out, recycle or shred junk mail that you know you’ll have no use for.
  • No room for mail on your table, desk or counter? No worries! There are plenty of clip boards and other magnetic gadgets that you can stick to the refrigerator door or a wall.

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Photo courtesy of Flickr

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