De-Cluttering the Kid's Room is Not Child's Play

Posted on February 15, 2011

We talk a whole lot on this blog about ways to de-clutter, straighten up closets and organize certain rooms of your home. But what about the room that’s probably the messiest of all – the kid’s room! It’s normal for a child’s room to have toys strewn about, clothes scattered and shoes everywhere. But that doesn’t make it right. Here are a few simple tips we can help you with to get your kid’s room straightened up:

  • Add a second bar inside the closet that your child can reach, then encourage him or her to hang their own clothes.
  • Make sure your child has smaller hangers to fit their clothes. It can be frustrating to fit all their stuff on adult sized hangers.
  • Like we suggested for your own closet, group like garments and colors together. This make it easier to organize and easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Add custom shelving, cabinets and drawers to easily store and separate seasonal clothes and shoes.

Call Life Uncluttered at 913-491-0900 today for professional assistance in getting customized storage and organization solutions for your child’s room.

Photo courtesy of Houzz


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