A Clever Way to Organize Gift Wrapping Supplies

Posted on December 12, 2011

Wrapping paper, tape, scissors and gift tags are probably spread all over the place in your home.

And because these items are only used a few times each year, you probably don't have a dedicated and organized space for them... until now. Check out this cool storage idea we found on Stylist:

Take a twenty-four-pocket overdoor shoe organizer and hang it on the inside of a linen or utility closet. There will be four pockets across and six pockets down. Distribute wrapping material such as gift tags, stickers, ribbon, bows, tape, and scissors into the compartments. To accommodate tubes of wrapping paper, cut holes in the upper compartments and thread the tube through the openings, letting it rest in the lower compartment.

Who would ever think that a shoe compartment could be used for storing crafts and supplies? It's a pretty nifty idea.

How do you store your holiday gift wrapping supplies?

Image by meddygarnet on Flickr

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