6 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

Posted on December 29, 2011

If you have a small rooms within your home, it’s easy for those spaces to very quickly become cluttered with all kinds of stuff. But there are tons of ways to work with the rooms you have and maximize the space you’ve been given. Here are six ways to do just that, courtesy of The Nest!

Forgo window treatments
Letting windows bare themselves gives the illusion that a room has more depth than it really does. It’s also a good way to showcase a beautiful garden or patio area.


Forgo window treatments and enjoy the outdoor view!

Adjustable tables
Dining room tables often come with adjustable, removable or drop-leaf tops that let you decide how much space you need for family and guests.


Adjustable tables are major space savers.

Get multi-use furniture
Couches, chairs and other furnishings with integrated storage units help to avoid building clutter out in the open.


Buy furnishings that also have storage space built in

Stick with light paint
Brighter shads make small spaces seem bigger and more open.


Light paint shades make any room seem bigger.

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