4 Steps to an Organized Garage

Posted on January 20, 2012

It's very easy to turn your garage into a dumping ground. No one really sees it, so the "out of sight, out of mind" theory works pretty well here. But if you don't use your garage strategically, you could be missing out on precious storage space. It's amazing what a neat, organized garage can achieve! But how do you get to that point?

  1. Empty the garage first. By staring at a blank canvas, you can better plan where certain items will go and what things you can toss.
  2. Be a decision maker. When you come across items that are rarely or never used, don't hesitate to get rid of it. Think about which items can be donated, recycled or sold.
  3. Make use of vertical space... and the ceiling. If cars are parked in your garage, you'll need to take advantage of every nook and cranny in order to make as much room as possible. Items like shovels, brooms, rakes, ladders, bicycles, and various tools can easily be hung on garage walls using a number of nifty storage hooks.
  4. Store in groups. Holiday decorations, sporting equipment, power tools and cleaning supplies should all have their very own space in the garage. This makes everything easy to find and easy to put back in its rightful place.

Garage organizing can be a huge undertaking. And we understand that you probably just don't have time to do it yourself. Did you know that Life Uncluttered specializes in garage organization? Call us at 913-491-0900 to find out how we can help you today!

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