6 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

Posted on December 29, 2011

If you have a small rooms within your home, it’s easy for those spaces to very quickly become cluttered with all kinds of stuff. But there are tons of ways to work with the rooms you have and maximize the space you’ve been given. Here are six ways to do just that, courtesy of The Nest!

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Storage Tips for the New Year

Posted on December 28, 2011

The New Year always marks a new beginning at home. People want to become more organized, and now is the perfect time to do just that! But how on earth do you get started? The National Association of Home Builders suggests the following:


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Expert Tips on Last Minute Cleaning

Posted on December 19, 2011

The following are valuable last minute clean up tips from an Apartment Therapy article entitled 'How to Clean up Quickly: Before Company Arrives’ written by Adrienne Breaux.


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A Clever Way to Organize Gift Wrapping Supplies

Posted on December 12, 2011

Wrapping paper, tape, scissors and gift tags are probably spread all over the place in your home.


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5 Questions to Ask Your Closet Professional

Posted on December 05, 2011

Making the decision to have a custom closet installed in your home is just one of many steps. You need to find a professional that can create the type of closet system that will help to improve your quality of life at home. And of course, Life Uncluttered can help with that. Here are some questions that any qualified and respectable closet company should be able to answer, according to Association of Closet and Storage Professionals:


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Celebrating 200 Blog Posts!

Posted on December 02, 2011

The Life Uncluttered blog has reached a very exciting milestone.


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Clear the Entryway in December

Posted on December 01, 2011

Last month, the focus was the dining room, for obvious reasons. Now that guests will be dropping in throughout the entire holiday season, it is a must that your entryway be organized and ready. But how?


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