7 Hacks To Keep Your Closets Organization Uncluttered All Year Long

Posted on December 22, 2015

For some lucky people the closet is an oasis of organization. However for others, it may look like a place where your clothing, shoes, gym equipment, old books, broken lamps and some shady unmentionable items, have all got together and partied the night away in a sea of drunken mayhem, only to leave you with the clean up hangover. Without good habits and the proper setup to enable your organization to run smoothly, it’s easy to lose control of the closet.


How To Keep Your Closets Uncluttered All Year Long

Living with a cluttered closet can be a frustrating experience.. However here are 7 simple hacks to keep your closet uncluttered and well-organized ALL YEAR LONG!

1. Cycle Out Your Clothing

Rotate your clothing with each season. This also means letting go of the things that are no longer being worn and just taking up unnecessary space in your closet. If you haven’t worn an item for a whole season, perhaps it’s time to let it go. If your closet is small and you have extra storage space elsewhere, move your off-season clothes out of your everyday closet and put them in boxes or vacuum sealed storage bags in another closet.

Arctic-Flat-Panel-Hamper-Satin-Nickel-Wire-Basket-Jan-2014.jpg2. Keep A Hamper Nearby

If there's enough room, keep a hamper in your closet (or at least nearby). Having a hamper in or near the closet will decrease the chances that your closet floor will end up covered with a pile of dirty clothes.

3. Have A Place For Everything And Put Everything Back In It’s Place

Yes this may be cliche, however there’s a reason - It works! The odds of keeping your closet clean and organized are much better if you know where everything belongs. Getting into a habit of ALWAYS returning everything to it’s designated place will have enormous long term benefits.

Just to name two -  1: You will always know where to find anything you are looking for in your closet, this avoids unnecessary struggles and delays whereby improving your day to day efficiency and 2: You will avoid the clutter continually piling up around you and then having the overwhelming task of dealing with uncluttering it all over again later.

4. Leave Some Extra Space

One mistake many make when organizing a closet is not leaving room for new stuff. Try to leave an empty space on a shelf - or even better, leave an entire shelf empty for new items. Once filled however, there is the opportunity to make space again.. Try letting go of one thing every time something new comes along.  Recycle, give to a friend or donate to a charity. It’s not only good practice for living a life uncluttered, but it can help someone else in need.


5. Create A Temporary Zone

Having hooks inside the closet will give you a temporary space to stash things. But hooks are only handy if they're not always full of stuff. Use the hooks in your closet as a temporary stop before the items goes back to where it belongs. At the end of the day hang those items where they really belong and free up that hook for the next time it may be needed.

6. Don't Over-Stuff The Closet.

Hanging clothes can be so much easier than folding them but not if you have to squeeze those hangers into an already stuffed closet. Make room by moving some clothes into a dresser or drawers  - or as mentioned above - Put those out of season items into vacuum sealed bags and store them away until you need them. It's worth it for an uncluttered closet.

7. Be Willing To Reconfigure


Closets are not one-size-fits-all. For example : Rarely will one shelf and one clothes hanging rack work for two people. For some it can take years to do anything about it, but it doesn’t have to. When you make the decision to reconfigure your custom closet to better suits your needs you will be amazed by how much easier it is to stay uncluttered all year long!

If you want to achieve the ultimate uncluttered lifestyle for your health and well-being consider getting in touch with a qualified design consultant to see how they might help you attain uncluttered bliss with a cleverly reconfigured closet. 

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