The Pesky Hallway Closet

Posted on May 24, 2011

The entryway closet that’s located just beyond your front door can be a nightmare. That’s because this is one place that random things get thrown when there’s nowhere else for it to go, or if you just want it out of sight and out of mind quickly. But how much better would you feel if that closet was neatly organized and clutter free? Here’s how you can get it to that point!

  • Install shelves at the bottom of the closet for shoes. Each family member, particularly children, can have their own cubby holes to place their footwear as soon as they walk through the door.
  • Other cubby holes and/or drawers can hold dog toys, umbrellas, sporting accessories and other items you’re likely to grab right before leaving home.
  • Hooks for handbags and purses are a must.
  • Smaller areas for sunglasses, wallets and keys makes the closet an efficient storage space.

Of course, Life Uncluttered is here to help you make sense of your hallway closet space. Call us at 913-491-0900 so we can help you get your closet back in order once and for all!

Information and image from Martha Stewart

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