Purging and Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on May 03, 2011

Life Uncluttered does not specialize in kitchen cabinet organization, but that doesn’t mean we can’t arm you with all the right tips to do it yourself! A quick peek inside your cabinets might reveal a lot of random odds and ends. Open boxes of pasta, expired cans of chick peas and creamed corn, stale crackers, old cereal and who knows what else. It’s time to be proactive and make your life easier with a completely purged and organized kitchen space!

  1. Completely empty out your cabinets. Separate all items into three categories: items you use all the time, items you use occasionally, and expired or suspicious items to trash. Anything else that’s still good but you don’t need or want can be donated to a local food bank.
  2. Clean all cabinet shelves, getting rid of all crumbs and sticky substances. Now would be a good time to incorporate any new containers, bins, jars or other organizing mechanisms.
  3. Be smart about how you now organize your food items. Keep spices and other food items you use frequently on lower shelves. Heavy items like bottles of olive oil should also be kept low. Snacks should be in an area that children can easily access. Group categorized items, like breakfast foods, all in one spot.

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