Organizing Your Office Can Save Time

Posted on July 02, 2015

Today we're turning our attention to your office, at home or in the workplace.

A recent Office Depot survey found what you may already know. Of those surveyed, 32 percent admit that they have a disorganized workspace and 45 percent confessed to clearing up their clutter once a month, or even less than that. Office

So what's the impact?

  • 47 percent say they've lost time
  • 16 percent say they have been tardy for a meeting
  • 14 percent say they have missed dealines

And have you ever waded through piles of papers in a frantic search for something that you need? The survey found that 30% have lost an important document due to a messy desk.

What are the most likely items causing a messy workspace?

  • Food: 32 percent
  • Old newspapers: 32 percent
  • Coffee cups: 31 percent
  • Spare shoes: 12 percent

Don't let an unorganized office get you down but set out to put things in their place and find the storage systems you need to keep them there throughout the year.

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