Organizing Your Linen Closet

Posted on May 31, 2011

What’s in your linen closet? Lots of stuff probably. Linen closets are spaces commonly used for bed sheets, comforters, towels, toiletries and plenty of other bed and bath essentials. Because they’re often filled with so many different things, linen closets can be a pain to keep organized. This is especially true for extra-large and extra thick bed coverings. Do you need a few smart storage solutions? Keep reading!

  • Use wicket baskets to bundle folded bed sheets. This will prevent them from toppling over, and it just looks better. If necessary, label each basket if your bed linens differ in size.
  • If you’re particularly talented at folding flat and fitted sheets, show off your ability by tying a pretty ribbon around the finished product. It’ll keep all the pieces of the sheet set together and will look very elegant.
  • As for towels, don’t settle for the traditional fold. Try rolling them like they do at the spa. It’ll take up less space and is a bit nicer to look at.

Life Uncluttered wants to know: What other solutions do you have for keeping your linen closet in order? Share your tips by leaving a comment below!

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