Organizing the Front Hall Closet

Posted on July 13, 2010

The front hall closet is usually everyone’s favorite place to store things you want to keep hidden. From winter coats to vacuum cleaners it seems that once you open the closet door, you are struggling again to close it. We know that cleaning out your closets is probably one of your least favorite things to do, but if you want to erase unnecessary clutter from your home it is time to tackle the front hall closet.

Tip Number One: Try to store only what is used on a weekly basis, this includes coats. Since it is summer, you should go ahead and move your heavy winter coats elsewhere.

Tip Number Two: Place the hanging rod as high as possible (but not higher than your reach) so you can use the bottom half for baskets and shelves.

Tip Number Three: If possible, try and store bulky items, like vacuum cleaners, somewhere else.

Tip Number Four: Utilize the back of the door by installing hooks.


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