My Husband Is Now a Believer!

Posted on June 23, 2011

"My husband is now a believer! When I saw my neighbor’s closet, I just knew I had to have that too. Not only did it look neat, it was so well organized and efficient. After I accepted the bid from Life Uncluttered, my husband said “You are spending how much for this????” Once it was completed, I ordered an additional section of shelves to be placed above the door for even more room. But that night, when I completed moving all my things back into my closet, I had so much room left over that I didn’t need the additional shelves. I cancelled the additional order and generously gave my husband the left over space in the closet. He put in what he wanted of his things and still, it was not crowded! His comment to me … “Wow, this is definitely worth the investment!” YAY!"

Sue N.


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