Mess in the Living Room: What Does it Mean?

Posted on September 06, 2011

A couple weeks ago we told you all about what it means when your kitchen is constantly messy and what you can do to stop it. Today, we’re focusing on the living room. What does psychologist Sally Augustin, PhD have to say about untidiness in the busiest room of the house?


Mess location: The living room
Chances are you are: Tense
"Cluttered spaces...generate tension for humans because our eyes continually review our environment. With lots of stuff around, that process becomes more arduous. In addition, since our possessions are extensions of us, lack of care for them could also indicate, potentially, a lack of self-respect-but it may also indicate a toddler is present, money is in short supply, or other similar things."
What to do about it: Since the living room area tends to be the cluster zone for your family, it's all a matter of finding space to hide the clutter. Utilize decorative storage bins and storage ottomans. Seeing a messy area will induce more stress and tension, so take that extra minute to keep things in allotted places. Then, recover from the visual tension by closing your eyes and listening to music.

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