Mess in the Kitchen: What Does it Mean?

Posted on August 22, 2011

When sections of your house are cluttered and unorganized, you may attribute the mess to a number of things. You’re too busy, too tired or maybe just plain old lazy. But there’s actually a method to the madness. Author and environmental psychologist Sally Augustin, PhD believes that there are reasons why our clutter seems to inhabit certain areas of the home. And each one says something about you!

Mess location: The kitchen
Chances are you are: Adventurous
"Messes in this space that are due to things like unusual items...think rarely-used spices...or a cookbook for varying cuisines indicates openness to new experiences."
What to do about it: Capitalizing on your interest in all things new and exciting is as simple as making sure spices and cookbooks are easily accessible. For the latter, use a step-style spice rack, which ensures that everything you need is in sight and in reach. And why not bring in a small bookshelf to store your culinary guides?

We've provided you with plenty of tips on how to de-clutter your kitchen. Here's a roundup just in case you missed them!

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