Mess in the Bed/Bath: What's Does it Mean?

Posted on October 04, 2011

Have you ever thought about the psychological implications behind why certain rooms in your home are always so messy? Psychologist Sally Augustine, PhD has already given us reasons why our entryways, living rooms and kitchens can’t seem to stay organized. But if the bedroom or bathroom is your problem, there’s a reason why.

Mess location: The bedroom...or bathroom

Chances are you are: Feeling insecure

"Bedrooms and bathrooms are the inner sanctums of our lives, the spaces where, to the extent they are private, we are most free to express who we really are. Therefore, messes composed of personalizing items here indicate a need by the people who control the space to remind themselves of who they are as a person."

What to do about it: It's hard to feel secure when the last place you see before going to sleep (and the first thing you see in the morning) is a mess of magazines, books and clothes. Conversely, if grooming products and extra bathroom supplies are stumbling blocks in the morning, you won't leave the house feeling ready to tackle the world. For the bedroom, make use of under-bed storage with sliding storage containers or boxes. Limit books or magazines to one per person, then relocate the rest to a bookshelf in another area in your home. Or better yet, donate them. For the bathroom, throw out all the old cosmetics you never use and consider storing surplus supplies in a bathroom étagère that is sized to fit right where the toilet is.

Image from 2 Elm Street

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