Make Life Easier with Labels

Posted on April 18, 2011

Once your home is completely organized the way you’d like, it’s still hard work just to keep it that way. One solution is to use labels. But don’t head to the store and buy a ton of sticky notes. There’s a lot of creative ways to label areas throughout your home. What do you think about these labeling ideas?

Type ChicMake sure labels are readable from afar by choosing a large, bold type that will make cleanup a breeze.

Simple Storage

Alphabetizing the CD boxes make it easy to find your next musical selection. A shoe storage stacker hung on the wall makes this storage solution super simple and achievable.

Stash and Give

Make spring cleaning a breeze by labeling large bags with garage sale prices and creating a charity bag. This will make it very easy to prep for a big sale.

Picture Perfect

Picture labels in this playroom make cleanup super easy for the little tots who can't read yet.

Outfit of the Day

Every Sunday help your little one choose clothes for each day of the week then store the outfits in the appropriate drawer. You'll save yourself time and effort during the week and allow your kids to quickly dress themselves in the morning.

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