Let Floating Shelves Maximize Your Space

Posted on April 14, 2011

Are you getting to work on organizing your home? One thing you might notice is that there are a lot of spaces in your home that you could be getting more use from. One way that you can maximize your possible storage space is to use floating shelves. They are easy to install and they create a more open looking area.

Check out some of these uses for floating shelves—do they make you think of any spaces you could organize more effectively this way?

Putting floating shelves in the corner next to the vanity is a great way to take advantage of the small space that might otherwise be lost. They also make the area feel larger due to their openness.

The narrow space between windows is ideal for floating shelves, which provide the same storage capacity without the bulk of a cabinet or bookshelf.

When you have a blank space on the wall, floating shelves can create an asymmetrical balance that adds visual excitement to the room while also providing practical display space.

Using floating shelves instead of a bookcase can help you create eye-popping aesthetics by drawing a strong contrast between the shelving and the wall, which completely surrounds each shelf.

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Information and images from HGTV

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