How Do You Organize Your Closet?

Posted on August 19, 2011

The purpose of a custom closet design is to make the storage space easier and more efficient for the user. Even the most beautifully designed closet in the world is worthless if the owner cannot effortless store and find what they need. So if a custom closet is in the cards for you, it’s time to begin thinking about ways you’d want the clothes in your ideal closet to be organized.

Here are three popular ways to organize your closet:

  • By style: This method organizes clothes by type, separating short sleeves from long sleeves, jeans from pants and skirts from shorts.
  • By color: True fashionistas love to organize their closets this way. It’s super easy to choose an outfit for the day based on what color you feel like wearing.
  • By purpose: For the most efficient people, organizing based on clothing usage is ideal. Here, you separate clothes into categories for work, casual, sports, pajamas, night life, etc.

How do you organize your closet?

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