Fabulous Shoes Deserve Fabulous Closets

Posted on September 09, 2011

There probably isn’t a single woman in all of Kansas City who doesn’t know what DSW is. The famously fabulous shoe warehouse is a one-stop shop for all things shoes, handbags and accessories. So it’s only fitting that the fashionistas at DSW asked their Facebook fans this very important question:

Fill in the blank: “People would say my closet is ___________________.”

Here are some of the responses that caught our attention:

  • Too crowded
  • Too small
  • Crammed with random stuff
  • Filled to the max with shoes
  • A complete disaster
  • Outrageous
  • Not big enough

Whoa! It’s painfully obvious that there are way too many women out there who don’t realize that Life Uncluttered can help! Our custom closet solutions are perfect for establishing a personalized plan to neatly fit all of your shoes, clothes and accessories. Why let closet that’s too small or too messy continue to frustrate you day after day? We’re here to help! Call us in Kansas at 913-491-0900.

Image from Houzz

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