Dealing with Kid Clutter This Summer

Posted on June 09, 2011

Besides a messy laundry room, the onset of summer will also bring an onslaught of extra kid clutter. Let’s face it, the youngsters will probably be spending more time at home over the next few months which means there will be more to clean up after them.

But don’t fret. There are some easy solutions that you can put into place right now that’ll help ease the pain of kid clutter. And of course if you’ve already go too much on your plate, you can let Life Uncluttered handle the de-cluttering for you!

  • Destroy any and all fears regarding monsters under the bed by utilizing that space wisely. Storing bed linens,comforters and toy boxes under the bed takes create advantage of the space below, not to mention that kids will be less frightened because they won’t see a void empty space at night.
  • Storage bins with clearly written or typed labels are great for toys, clothes and shoes, particularly for younger children who are learning how to read.
  • Add a bit of adult style to your common areas by investing in a nice ottoman with a removable top. Not only do these provide last minute storage space for random toys and knick knacks, the tops also double as cocktail trays.
  • An entryway, hallway or mudroom with bins especially for shoes, bags, jackets and other essentials will keep these items from being strewn elsewhere in the house.
  • Toy hammocks are a timeless and classic way to keep collections of small toys and stuffed animals up and out of the way.

Life Uncluttered wants to know: What part of your house is the most unorganized over the summer? Leave a comment below!

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