De-Clutter Your Electrical Cord Mess

Posted on January 31, 2011

Wireless innovation has become a mainstay in recent years, but we still use plenty of everyday essentials that require plugging in. Here are a few tips you may have come across with electrical cords and how you can help reduce the confusion.

Problem: Your kitchen appliances – toaster, blender, coffee maker, Crock-Pot™, etc. form a confusing jumble of cordless mess on your counter tops.

Solution: A multiple-outlet adapter will quickly solve this common kitchen problem. While standard power strips still take up precious counter top space, a multiple-outlet adapter usually provides a few outlets on each side. The best feature is that cords and wires can be reeled in.

Problem: Disorganized wires and cords all over your office or home entertainment area.

Solution: A cord control kit comes with a long tube that allows you to insert about ten cords and wires for a more organized, streamlined look.

Problem: Inability to decipher what’s plugged in where

Solution: Use colored strips of duct tape or labels to differentiate cords and wires that you deal with regularly.

If you need a professional organizer to help de-clutter your office or other areas where wires and cords are a problem, call Life Uncluttered at 913-491-0900 today!

Photo courtesy of Real Simple


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