Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Posted on September 16, 2011

You have to employ a bit of creativity when it comes to bathroom organization. Otherwise, it will constantly be a cluttered mess. Besides a linen closet or standard cabinet, what other ways to you make the most of your bath space? Here are some ideas you may not have tried yet:

  • If you have open space underneath the sink(s), use stylish wicker baskets to store extra towels. If they’re neatly rolled, towels can give a spa-like aura to an otherwise ordinary bath space.
  • Don’t ignore vertical space. Often times, there is plenty of unutilized space between the countertop and the ceiling. Use that space for custom vertical shelving.
  • Do you have unused furniture elsewhere in the home? If it can fit in the bathroom, it may solve some of your storage problems. Think armoires, chests and side tables.
  • Empty wall space is perfect for installing floating shelves. If cluttered countertops are an issue, these shelves will help to keep bathroom items separated.
  • Another way to avoid countertop clutter is to use small wicker or bamboo baskets to keep items from getting jumbled together.

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Image from HGTV

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