Clean Your Master Closet in September

Posted on August 31, 2011

The kids are finally back in school, which means you have a little bit more time to yourself at home. And as much as you’d love to plop down with a bowl of ice cream and watch the Lifetime Movie Network all day long, there’s a ton of things to do around the house. Do you need to tackle your master closet? If so, here’s a quick, easy get to get your house in shape for the fall season. Ready, set go!


Spot Unused Items. Arrange all clothes hangers with hooks facing out. Whenever you put away newly laundered items, arrange so the hangers point in. At the end of the season, give away everything on facing-out hangers because you didn't wear it.

Stacking Storage. Turn milk crates on their sides, stack, and fill with folded items divided by style or garment type. Rearrange crate placement based on season.

Workout Gear. Dangle two canvas bags from hooks on the back of your closet door. Fill one with clean, rolled up work-out clothes and other with paired athletic socks.

Organize Accessories. Stash scarves, hats, and other lesser-worn accessories in a stack of clear shoebox-size containers. Look for containers that click together and feature handles for easy transport.

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