Celebrity Closet Design Ideas

Posted on November 14, 2011

Celebrity closets have been the subject of reality shows for quite some time. But even with all of the glammed up features they show off, don't think that your closet can't be just as fabulous. But how?

  1. Empty out your closet and sort everything into four piles: keep, trash, repair, donate.
  2. Keep a bin inside your closet so that as soon as you try something on and it doesn't fit, you can immediately toss it.
  3. Take a serious look at your closet space once you've cleared it out. Think strategically about it will best be utilized.
  4. Invest in better lighting. A simple 60-watt light bulb isn't your only option. Think chandeliers or drop lights that hang from ceiling fixtures.
  5. If there's room for a full-length mirror or artwork, go ahead and hang some up. You may even frame magazine covers and photos for fashion inspiration.
  6. Add a touch of glam with a cool area rug.
  7. Sort your clothes by type and color, then arrange them from lightest to darkest. Now you'll have a good idea of how much space is left for accessories.
  8. Section off an area for hats, scarves, gloves, belts, etc.

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