Bright Idea: Weekday Cleaning Schedules

Posted on July 14, 2011

Earlier this week, we gave you a simple wardrobe trick that we hope will make life a little bit easier. Another way that some people lessen their daily load is by creating a cleaning schedule – and actually following it. It’s a good way to coordinate each day’s tasks, leaving the weekends untouched because let’s face it: Saturday mornings were not meant for cleaning!

Here’s a sample weekday cleaning schedule:

  1. Mondays: Grocery Shopping Day (just in time to use all of Sunday’s coupons!)
  2. Tuesdays: Vacuuming Day
  3. Wednesdays: Bathroom Cleaning Day
  4. Thursdays: Change Bed Linens Day
  5. Fridays: Laundry day

Of course, you can customize your weekday schedule any way you see fit. And don’t forget to create one for the kiddos!

If you had a weekday cleaning schedule, how would it be organized? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

Image from Creative Commons

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