7 Ways to Store Your Spices

Posted on June 21, 2011

Whether you’re a serious kitchen cook or you if only occasionally dabble in the fine art of cooking, there are tons of ways to store your spices until the next feast. It all depends on how many spices you own, how often you use them and whether or not you have enough countertop space. BHG offers a few ideas on how to store your savory herbs and spices.

  1. Canisters are perfect for frequently used ingredients; corked lids help to protect against light and moisture.
  2. An organized spice cabinet is a great solution if extra countertop space is not available. Pantries work well too. The key is to keep the cabinet organized.
  3. Baking boxes make it easy to group spices together in one compact location. Box can be store on the counter, in a cabinet, drawer or pantry.
  4. A spice tray is great because you can gather up only the spices you need at the moment, avoiding multiple trips all over the kitchen.
  5. Wall spice racks are notorious for their space-saving yet stylish ability. These are easy to blend in with your appliances and other kitchen décor because they come in various finishes like chrome, wood, and stainless steel.
  6. You might also opt for open shelving that keeps spices neatly lined up and easily viewable. There are also many other benefits to open shelving in the kitchen.
  7. Drawers are the ultimate storage space for spices because they can be kept close enough for comfort, but they’re easily tucked out of sight.

Life Uncluttered wants to know: How do you store your spices?

Image from BHG

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