Straighten up that pantry!

Posted on August 31, 2010

Keeping your pantry organized is a must. With an organized, tidy pantry you won’t have to settle for searching for that last ingredient through endless shelves that always end up in a cluttered mess a few days after reorganizing them. Everything will have its own space. With a Life Uncluttered custom pantry, you will have a home for all those cans of soup, paper goods, cereal boxes, snacks for the kids, and specialty kitchen items. Give us a call at 913-491-0900 or e-mail us to see how a Life Uncluttered custom pantry can make your life easier!


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A special thank you to our readers

Posted on August 26, 2010

We have been sharing our tips for organization throughout the blogosphere for some time now. We are getting ready to celebrate our 9th month of blogging and we wanted to remind you that besides entering your email address to the right of this post to receive our posts in your email, you can also “Like Us” on Facebook and “Follow Us” on Twitter.


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Lighting Your Closets

Posted on August 25, 2010

We talk a lot about the importance of having your closets well organized, but another key factor is the lighting. Proper lighting of a closet allows homeowners to view their articles more clearly or simply adds a little more beauty to the space.


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Three Easy Steps to Organizing Your Closet

Posted on August 22, 2010

We love, they have some very useful organizational tips to help the modern day woman save time and space. For example this great clip shows Executive Fashion Editor at Large for Glamour Magazine Suze Yalof Schwartz helping Amanda organize her small closet. With limited space it is very important to keep your closet as organized as possible at all times.


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Study shows that Women will try on 21,000 articles of clothes in her lifetime

Posted on August 17, 2010

Did you know that in your lifetime you will try on more than 21,000 articles of clothing? Pretty mind-blowing isn’t it? A recent study has found that the average woman will make at least four trips to the store a month and end up purchasing 240 new pieces of clothing or accessories each year. And that is the average woman, we aren’t talking about those of us who rack up major debt each time we head to the mall.


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10 Ways to Preserve Your Wardrobe

Posted on August 12, 2010

How would you like to extend the life of your clothes and accessories? Real Simple can help with their “20 Tips to Make Your Wardrobe Last”. We are sharing our top ten and you can visit for the learn about the rest.


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Back-To-School Wardrobe

Posted on August 11, 2010

With school starting back in a couple of weeks, we thought we’d share some tips on how to properly shop for that back-to-school wardrobe. According to the National Retail Federation, the average family spends around $600 on clothes, shoes, school supplies and electronics. We want to help you cut your back-to-school costs in half.


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Control the Clutter

Posted on August 06, 2010

Usually by this time of the week my house was overflowing with clutter. Shoes were left out, toys were in every room of the house, and my house looked completely and utterly lived in.


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Taking Back the Closets

Posted on August 05, 2010

We know some of you parents are becoming empty nesters for the first time this fall and although you are sad to see your child go off to college, you are probably already thinking of what to do with the extra closet space.


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